MTech Agent for ACB Aries Alliance Company

ACB an ARIES ALLIANCE company: Metal forming specialists for the aerospace industry with 70 years experience in the design & manufacture of stand alone & turnkey forming solutions.


Their experience and know-how makes them specialists in:
Sheet Stretch Forming


- Improved performance & quality of shaped metal parts

- Improved finished-product performance

- Improved production speed, efficiency and parts repeatability

- Greater part design flexibility

- Reduced scrap rates

- Reduced tooling costs


In Situ:

1500T Sheet Stretch Forming Press, St Nazaire, France


Elasto Forming


- Excellent alternative for low to medium production runs

- Performed using high pressure

- Several parts formed simultaneously during the same cycle

- Low production costs




Super Plastic Forming


- Used for shaping or sizing material which is impossible to form cold

- Consists of Hot forming titanium or Aluminium superplastic alloys

- Using inert gas pressure, this takes advantage of the metals' strong elongation capabilities

- The process can be associated with diffusion bonding (SPF/DB) to obtain complex parts

- Parts and tools are uploaded by a shuttle


In Situ:

500T SPF/DB Press ITP, Spain  


ACB's experience now also covers Linear Friction Welding, both of Titanium Blisks and aero structure components.


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For more information contact Mike Brown on +44 1162 415791 or via email