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Innovative Metal Part Manufacturing for the Aerospace Industry

ACB over the last few years has become the market leader in the design & manufacture of Super Plastic and Hot Forming presses and Linear Friction Welding machines.


ACB FormProd is now known as Aries Manufacturing, an Aries Alliance company


The Original Nantes R&D centre, which then became also a small series productivity area for customerís components is now a separate entity with the aim to become a World Leader in forming complex Aerospace Components in Titanium, Inconel and Titanium.

As a result of this development, the facility in Nantes has recently been enlarged by 100%. In addition to the existing presses and thermal treatment furnace another large SPF & Hot Forming press (see caption) has been added.

Super Plastic & Hot Forming In Nantes: Latest Super Plastic Forming  Press
Small series production without high capital investment, allows you the customer to analyze the potential SPF aerospace market using ACBís expertise in producing the methodology, tooling and identifying the specific SPF press required. Or outsource your production requirements.


Linear & Rotary Friction Welding:

Is an area of expertise Aries Manufacturing can share with you, having invested heavily in this advanced technology to enable your company to trial both aero-engine and aerostructure components.


Hot Stretchforming Titanium Extrusions ~USA:

ACB's sister company, Cyril Bath USA has developed this valuable HSFTM process for titanium airframe components used on the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350
  Linear Friction Welding  R&D Machine

ARIES Manufacturing is qualified by the main aerospace OEMís.

Certified ISO 9001; NF EN ISO 14001: 2004 and with EN9100 currently in the process of certification.


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