We have been in existence for over 20 years and have a portfolio of world class machine tool manufacturers that are recognised as leading edge providers for the aero engine, air-frame manufacturing and nuclear industries. 


M-TECH and Aeromachnery Ltd are not stand alone agencies, we work together with our principals, ACB & Cyril Bath, Dufieux Industrie, Areva-intelligeNDT and Modig as an integral part of the team and as a result have been successful in exceeding our customer's expectations on many turn-key projects. 


Each of our principals has a continuous research and development programme and their philosophy mirrors the Aeromachinery vision of providing a competitive edge that enables our UK and EIRE customers to both retain and gain programmes within the world-wide aerospace industry.


The commercial partnership is always between you the customer and the manufacturer which provides a cleaner and faster communication link.  Our aim is to provide our customers with machines and applications that are a step up from existing practices delivering higher productivity and improved component quality. 



Financing High Value Machine Tools

More than ever we are asked by companies how they can forward plan and fund the procurement of the latest state of the art machine tool technology to prevent their customers from looking elsewhere, often off-shore.


As a company supplying Machine Tools from some of the worlds market leaders in aerospace component manufacturing, we have comprehensively researched this area.


We have identified a finance solution with an established Euro based finance company that will enable out customers to enter into new projects without finding they have a millstone around their necks if the situation changes when the supply contract comes up for renewal.


Our associate company can offer a real turnkey finance solution, enabling companies to hire the best machine tool for the current project for a fixed contract period, which also reflects the duration of the component order from the OEM.


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