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MODIG Machine Tool Sweden is a World leader in innovation and technology in the area of high speed machining.

Its one-hit machining of aluminium aircraft stringers and its research into higher productivity and uptime performance in the aerospace industry is relentless and MODIG has become renowned among the world's leading aircraft manufacturers e.g. BOEING, SAAB, AIRBUS, Bombardier, Raytheon, Cessna & Gulfstream for solutions for the aerospace industry.

HHV professional 2Mill:

Take your professional shop to the next level

HHV BarMill:

Accelerate your ROI

Modig HHV Professional producing extrusion mill parts Modig HHV Barmill aluminium milling represented by Aeromachinery UK
bulletThe HHV produces the vast majority of extrusion parts in a way that enables you to bid lower contract prices & increase margins.
bulletThe two-chuck HHV-2 extrusion mill will protect your place in an increasingly competitive market.
bulletAccomodating aluminium & carbon fiber parts.
bulletThe HHV-2 delivers high productivity, extraordinary precision & repeatability occupying a small footprint.
bulletImagine feeding 200 inch bar stock into a machine which rotates the bar to have access from all sides - this is BarMill.
bulletAluminium milling like no one else can deliver, with huge opportunity for operator efficiency.
bulletUtilize precious labour time. No sitting and waiting to manually feed, clamp and cut stock.
bulletMachine 4-axis parts and experience 40-60% faster cycle time while reducing raw material usage by 20-30%


Floor Space Optimisation


Complexity Simplified

MODIG RigiMill one machone for optimal roughing and optimal finishing MODIG FlexiMill 6-axis machining centre for aluminium and composite

For the first time ever it is possible to operate one machine for optimal roughing and optimal finishing.


Two different machines on one bed, configured with the customized gantries you require for milling aluminum or titanium.


Our footprint occupies one-third less space than other gantries. Cycle time is reduced 30-50% to optimize productivity and reduce tooling costs.


Per minute chip removal rates up to 55 cubic inches in titanium and 850 cubic inches in aluminium makes this a world leader.


FlexiMill is game changing technology with unparalleled uptime.


This 6-axis machining center for aluminum and composite delivers enviable quality for a reasonable investment.


It is based on a cast iron bed which makes the machine moveable and only requires a simple inexpensive foundation.


FlexiMill can be installed with an open machine cover or in a completely sealed machining area.


Unparalleled milling capacity for large, complex components.

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