Titanium has a unique combination of mechanical properties, outstanding resistance to corrosion and cost effectiveness in a wide range of demanding applications. The usage of titanium components alongside composite structures in the defense and aerospace sector is in itself a high growth area which demands new emerging but proven technologies.

Our principals ACB & Cyril Bath are already at the forefront in:-

: Super Plastic Forming and Diffusion Bonding.

: Linear Friction Welding  e.g. Hollow fan blades to blisk.

: Hot Strechforming of Titanium extrusions for near net shaped components.

: Linear Friction Welding  of webs and strengtheners for aerostructure parts.

: Forming of leading & trailing edge components  for Composite Blades.  

Super Plastic Forming Hot Stretchfomer aerostucture part Linear Friction Welded Blisk


Our principalís intelligeNDT are at the forefront in:- Non destructive testing of Titanium components.

Our principals Dufieux Ind. are at the forefront for:- Single and multispindle, large 5 axis gantry style machining centres. 

World Leaders in their field, our principals are currently involved with almost all the Worlds aerospace and defense industry OEMís and whilst respecting Non Disclosure Agreements, have access to all emerging Titanium related R&D and production programs.

Please contact MikeB@Aeromachinery.com for advice on these technologies if your company is looking to develop your own production methods. We can propose stand alone equipment, full turnkey projects including tool design, factory process and training of your operatives or initial short run production of components within ACBís  R&D centre in Nantes for Super Plastic Forming and Linear Friction Welding or at Cyril Bath USA plant for Hot Strechforming



For more information contact Mike Brown on +44 1162 415791 or via email MikeB@Aeromachinery.com